What is a migraine? Why migraine happens. Who gets migraines? Treating migraines.

My Migraine Headaches


I'd never had a migraine headache before. At the age of 15 headaches were something that you got from running or cycling too hard or maybe even getting "brainfreeze" from eating too much ice-cream (something I may still be guilty of). If you had a headache like that you took some aspirin and lay down for 10 minutes and the headache was gone.

The only thing I understood of migraines was the fact that my mother suffered from them and they really didn't look pleasant at all. Nobody in my family was sure if migraines could be inherited as nobody else in my family really seemed to suffer with them.

My Years With Migraines

My first migraine struck me like a thunderbolt as I cycled down a hill in my hometown. The pain was so violent and so sudden that I quite literally went blind for a few seconds. I think my body overloaded with the pain and was trying to blackout to recover. For some unknown reason I didn't fall off the bike. Thus began my long and somewhat painful journey of dealing with migraine headaches.

From the ages of 15 to 28 migraines were the bane of my life. A complete and total pain in the butt in more ways than one. They struck at the worst possible moments. Before important dates, on the night of my 25th birthday (I won't tell you what effect the medicatin and tequila had on me later), on late shifs at my job and on friday evening at 6pm when I'd finish work for the weekend. I hated migraines. I hated the medication because it made me stupid (mentally and phyiscally) for 24 hours afterwards.

So for 13 long years migraines haunted me. I put up with the pain, nausea and discomfort of the migraines and dealt with the after effects of the medication as everyone else did. I began to add alternative therapies to my treatment - namely the use of essential oils. Whether or not the effect was purely psychogical or not I didn't care - my migraines came more rarely and with a lower intensity.

My Migraines Under Control

Now at the age of 33 it's rare for me to get a migraine although as I sit here writing this I've had two this week which was once normal for me (at once stage I averaged 3 - 4 migraines per week) but now is totally out of the ordinary. My life has changed a lot with the decrease in migraines. I certainly spend a lot less time in bed sick.

The point is that migraines are treatable and if you've not added aromatherapy to your arsenal of migraine treatments then I would suggest that you at least look into what alternative therapies are available to you aswell as investigating integrating relaxation techniques into your day-to-day life.

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