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Home Remedies for Migraines

Although there are many remedies out there for migraines, both over-the-counter and prescription, there are also a virtual plethora of home remedies for migraines. If you are a frequent migraine sufferer, you might find it worthwhile to try some of the remedies which have worked well for other migraine sufferers. Don't give up if the first one-or two or three-don't work for you. What works for one person in the throes of a migraine may not work for the next, but keep trying the different remedies and it is a sure bet you will find one that will work in reducing your pain as well as the frequency of your migraines.

· Although caffeine can trigger migraines in some people, others swear by drinking two cups of strong coffee along with two acetaminophen and two ibuprofen. This remedy seems to increase the blood circulation in your brain, lessening the severe pain of a migraine.

· Some migraine sufferers have found success with grinding fresh grapes to extract the juice, then drinking the concentrated fresh grape juice without adding water, and take niacin along with the      grape juice.

· An Ace bandage wrapped tightly around the head, left on until it hurts too much to continue, then taken off for twenty minutes or so, and put back on. Alternate until you are finally able to fall asleep and hopefully wake up the next morning with no migraine.

· For those who frequently wake up with migraine pain, try sleeping only on your back, and most definitely not on your stomach with your head turned as this can strain the neck nerves and muscles enough to trigger a migraine.

· Taking B12 sublingual tablets, 1000 mg each morning, has enabled some migraine sufferers to completely stop having migraine headaches, but it must be taken every morning without fail.

· Some recommend feverfew leaf, which can either be grown in your backyard, or you can buy the herbal supplement at a health food store.

· BioFreeze on the neck and temples has been said to reduce migraine pain, and some swear by this remedy with the addition of two Hershey's kisses, saying their pain is gone within twenty minutes.

· Menthol on the temples, upper lip and between the eyes, along with a towel-wrapped ice pack placed at the base of the neck and a cold washcloth placed over the eyes and forehead. Triple-whammy, but appears to lessen migraine pain in many.

· Here's a somewhat "smelly" remedy: Soak a cloth in vinegar, and place on your face on the side you are feeling the migraine pain while lying down. Let it remain for half an hour or so.

· Vick's vapor rub, peppermint oil, or eucalyptus oil rubbed into the temples has been known to lessen the pain of a migraine.

· Here's a remedy that one migraine sufferer swears by when Imitrex is not available. Fill the kitchen sink full of ice water, then submerge as much of your head as possible into the ice water, staying there as long as possible. As soon as you remove your head from the ice water, wrap it in a towel and lie down on your back. Take two Excedrin, along with an ice-cold Pepsi or Coke (not diet), and spray Afrin into each nostril. All of this together seems to stop migraine pain in its tracks.

· A very tight headband around the head along with an ice gel pack on the neck and an OTC painkiller lessens the pain. Lie down in a darkened room while incorporating these strategies, and use a fan to filter out sounds.

· One migraine sufferer found out quite by accident that the 250mg of magnesium typically taken for heart palpitations completely eliminated her migraines, although notes that she also eliminated all red dye 40 from her diet at the same time she began taking the magnesium.

· Rather than using vinegar topically, one migraine sufferer immediately drinks two tablespoons of vinegar as soon as she feels a migraine coming on, and says it will stop the worst migraine in its tracks.

· Chiropractic adjustments can do wonders for chronic migraine sufferers, and some have found that once they have their TMJ treated, their migraines go away for good.

Migraines can zap the pleasure from your life, so most sufferers will try any remedy in the hopes it will work. Here's hoping one of these remedies will be the one you have been looking for!